Wednesday, March 09, 2005

..The Start Of A BLOG..

Here I am. Starting a BLOG for the 1st time. I'm new to this so I hope this goes well.

First off I'll introduce myself, My name is Andy and I live in Penang, Malaysia.

I'm currently working in a call center as a Techical Support Agent for Desktop computers, been working there for the last 3 months. Before that I was still in the same company but working in a different department, answering call after call after call.

I'm intrested in Cars, Games, Music, Movies, Gadgets & Computers.

I would like to someday own a nice sports car, house on the hill and live life to the fullest.

OMG all this sounds l@me! I'm not sure what to write now, but I'll be back with more crap soon.

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