Sunday, March 27, 2005

What is Love?

When it comes to questions like this, how do we justify or say what Love between 2 people is about? Everyone has their own visual or reality of what Love really is. Well to me Love between 2 people is all about,

1) understanding each other
2) sacrifices for that person
3) doing anything to see that person everyday
4) changing for that person
5) communicating with that person
6) making that person feel special and happy
7) buy presents
8) make that effort to do the small things that would be super special to that person
9) when the other person says, "nothing" it means something

Imagine having to do all that in 6 years and just before you wanted to ask that person to get engaged....they say "I don't love you anymore".

I always thought that Love is all about commitment and loyalty. IT IS!.

But this isn't the case for some people. Loyalty is all about how good the love is, how much love is there in a relationship. For a couple to continue on with a relationship they have to work things out.

The things I did in the past, so many times before. I just didn't realise untill today. I've done so much to try to make her happy. I tried to do too many things at once, they all crumbled down. The things I should have said before, now I regret not saying it. The things I should have done before, now I regret not doing it.

I stood by her side all the way. Through sickness, operations, stress, money problems, the list goes on and on. I was there all the time. I was the pillar of hope in her eyes. I was her joy and love. I was her shoulder to cry on. In her eyes I was an angel........I still am. I can only hope that she can meet someone as nice as I am. Am I a nice guy?

Now she feels sorry for me because she has hurt me. She still cares for me as a friend. I respect that. Everyday I try to forget I get these flashbacks of our relationship. First it would be the things that I would do for her all the time. Second would be asking myself, why didn't I do that more often. Third is wondering what else I didn't do. Fourth is what I did to deserve this. Fifth, is coming back to reality.

Am I really a nice guy? Leave your comments. Pls.

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