Monday, March 21, 2005

* mistakes *

I have made so many mistakes in life. I just made another. If you've been following, me and my long time partner have gone our seperate ways. Problem is I can't forget, I had this bad feeling from the bottom of my heart. It felt like it was falling apart, like a broken mirror, into pieces.

I wanted to speak to her regarding this problem as a friend. But she just didn't want to talk about it and shrugged me off. I was calm at first. But then I foced myself to talk to her, she listened. Suddenly my rage, anger unleashed. I was screaming at her, shouting at her, calling her things that i shouldn't have. Deep down i know it was wrong. But I couldn't control it anymore, it just came out, all that anger, rage & pain that i have kept to myself over all those years I sacrificed.

I then thanked her for listening to my rage speaking.

After that I realized, that I had done the one thing I have heard all my friends advised me NOT to do. Trying to cling onto something that you can't hold on to anymore. "Just let it go!" they all said. "Move on" some say.

Thanks all my friends. I appreciate all your help and concerns. My life has been much better with ya'll around. I hope to be able to help everyone I know in any way that I can possibly can.


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