Monday, April 25, 2005

awsome weekend..

It's Monday! at least it's a holiday for me today. Was in KL for the weekend, hitched a ride in Alex's car. Left on Friday night around 10pm and arrived in KL at 4:30am! Well we did get a little lost once we arrived in KL, somehow we did manage to get to Xarrax's house in Sunway. Went straight to bed upon arrival.

Next morning (Saturday) all of us got up around 11am and had brunch. I ate this "Char Siu Rice" which was quite good. After that we headed to YSKhong Motorsports, my friend Ian Khong and had a chat about cars, cars and more cars. Too bad my car sifu Ivan Khong was not free to hang out with us. Ian was on his way to Lee Mudguard where my Kelisa is at. Small accident in KL left my car in the workshop and awaiting JPJ letter to get it repaired.

Ian asked me to hang out and go clubbin with him later. Sure why not?! He picked me up around 10pm and we headed out to this club RUSH. Out of all the guys there I was the only one who joined Ian for clubbing session. Being Ian Khong we had VIP reserved seats in the house. Met some of his friends Alice, Mary and a few other gals, I can't remember all their names. Had some conversations with the gals, but I felt i was losing my voice having to nearly shout to talk to them over the loud music. Then later Janine(dunno if that's the correct spelling) They all had Chivas mixed with coke. If my memory serves me right there was about 4 bottles there and were empty by the time we left. I had loads of fun dancing to the music and feeling carefree for a few hours.

We were forced to leave when one group of people a few tables down were breaking bottles and glasses! WTF is that?! Jeez, some people just don't know how to think. Too bad though it was only 2:45am and the music was nice. Had a relaxing drink at Jelutong Mamak. Mike, one of Ian and Ivan's friend took me home in his Subaru!!!

Arrived back in Sunway around 3:30am, took a shower and went to bed.

Woke up around 10am to get ready for Track Day in Sepang. Before that Alex, Camsaw and me went to Sunway Pyrimid to buy tapes for the video cams. Damn...can't do any shopping this trip, not enough time. Arrived in Speang around 1:30pm, got ready for the session to start at 2pm. Hoped in Alex's car and became his navigator for the day.

Overall the trackday was ok, I expected it to be crowded, but turned out there were no WRX's or EVO's on track! Lots of Hondas and Protons, the only car which turned heads was a black Honda Civic EP3. Though we had some problems, one of our members had a problem with his carburator, his fuel line poped out and spilled all over the engine bay!! Lucky there was no fire! Other than that the day was just Ok.

Track day ended around 5pm and we left at 6:30pm after packing. Later that night we decided to head to 1-Utama in Bandar Utama to eat Burger King and the guys wanted to go look at a car shop. We sat in BK untill 10:30pm. lol.

Me and Alex decided to head back to Penang after dinner. Was suppose to leave around 11pm, but ended up leaving at 12am. I took responsibility driving Went to pump gas and reached the highway around 12:30am. Then zoom...zoom...zoom..............................................stoped 1 time for coffee around 1:50am. Zoom......................................3hours and 15 mins later we arrived in Penang. Oh yea Alex's car is a stock standard Kelisa by the way. LoL.

Werid I didn't feel tired. Maybe it was because of the loud music me and Alex were listening to. We were listening to the Radio! Hitz!. Alex has not been listening to the radio at All those nice songs they played were not framiliar at all to him. Lolz. It's a little sad actually, everytime the gang goes to KL we are going to the Track or Events, no actual time for Shopping or checking out the shops in KL.

We all should plan a weekend for only shopping and hanging out in KL, next trip! BooYa!

Well that weekend is over. Can't wait for next weekend in 4 days time. Whheeee.



Withered Rose said... thts where Alex went and thts y he isn't at work today.

Neways....glad u are having fun, Fun is fun, rite?

Andy Kow said...

yes it was fun...will do it again!