Wednesday, April 20, 2005

hanging out

I went to watch a movie with my new good friend Melissa who is a work collegue. Unfortunately most of my other collegues have already watched this movie and didn't want to join us. Anyways the movie was The Eye 10 it's a Horror flick.

Well to summarize the whole show, it's about 5 teenagers who are in Thailand. They were bored and decided to try to see ghosts, one of the teenagers found a book shop that sold this special book that guided the reader on how to see the sipritual universe.

All the teens decided to try these steps to see the spirits, which in turns out to be havoc. It's an ok show, nothing special. There were a few funny parts which I guess was a bit comical.

A warning to all Horror Movie lovers, THIS SHOW IS NOT FOR YOU! DO NOT WATCH IT!


Andy's Movie Meter = 3 ouf of 10

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