Monday, April 18, 2005

....mONdaY Blues....

The day started after only getting 1 hour and 20 mins of sleep before waking up and noticing that i'm already late for work. Moved as fast as I possibly could and made it to work, the moment I logged into the started ringing and ringing and ringing. Nearly non-stop calls for most of the day.

Then worst part of all is that the Manager On Duty (MOD) would call and pester us to hurry up and answer calls. I mean...give us a little break will ya?

Worked from 6:40am till 5:00pm...that's 10 hours without overtime pay. :(

Just before I left this customer called in and wanted to speak to me. Ok so as a responsible agent I took the call and helped her.

Me: Thanks for holding on the line. I tried contacting you since 3pm earlier but only could get your answering machine.
Woman: Oh yea i was out for a few hours in the afternoon. I don't see any messages on my answering machine (well DUH! I didn't leave you one b*athc!)
Me: Well earlier I got a call from your helpdesk and told me about your problem with the computer.
Woman: Yea! This problem I had has been going on for months now. I can't continue work and Blah BLah Blah..
Me: I understand your situation, I apologize for the inconvience caused. Is it possible to run the Dell Resource CD Diagnostics on the system so we can narrow the problem. Which then makes it easier to send you the replacement.
Woman: eeerr...we don't keep those cds here. The helpedesk people have it.
Me: alright let's skip that. i'll get a technician down with some parts to he can fix your computer.
Woman: Oh so how long does that take? When is the technician coming?
Me: according to my databse, the system has a Next Business Response time.
Woman: ok, now is it possible to get a USB keyboard so i continue to work on my laptop.
Me: why do you need a keyboard for a laptop
Woman: It makes my life easier..the laptop is a smaller type.

Well at the end there was no possible way to send a keyboard just because your system has broken down. Some people are just not right.

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