Saturday, April 02, 2005

Coffee Bean

Went out to Coffee Bean in Gurney Plaza with Peng Ngun, Julian, Edzil(is that how i spell it?), Emily, Jessica and SL. Everyone was fashionably late. Lolz.

Have a nice Ice Blended Mocha. Sat down and chat about work and all. Had a nice time just hanging out with some friends. Keeping myself occupied with the time I can kill. Left around 12:30am.

The Malaysian Rally is in Kulim this weekend. Sadly I don't really have the time to help out Ian Khong and the team. But at least we've got some TBS members who would help out on Sunday.

Today I feel at ease knowing that I can safely let go and not worry anymore. Peace.

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Withered Rose said...

Hey you, glad to know you're slowly moving on....i'm sure u'll do fine and be fine.