Sunday, April 03, 2005

Cyber Cafe

Finding things to do is quite hard. But I managed to hang out with Peng Ngun, Julian, Alfred(Coach), Alex Yeoh and Edzil playing games in a cybercafe in town.

I met so many people there, old friends and mostly Dell friends. It felt like a community that is so framiliar. Been a while since I played too. Worst part of all is there is no Quake games. Unreal Tournamant 2004 was nice but played it for a while. Was playing War Craft 3 with them too...i suck so bad.

Still there are memories which flashed or reminded me of her. Like playing RO, which she liked. CS which she can't play well because it'll give her headaches. That's why we didn't go there anymore. :(

I recommend listening to John Legend's Get Lifted album. Nice Neo-Soul music. It's just nice.

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