Tuesday, April 12, 2005

just another ordinary day

Today was a nice day. Woke up early and very much eager to work so that the weekend comes faster! Work was a little crazy today, calls buzzing in like all the computers were going to die all at once. Still surviving, still standing & still alive.

Hmm, got an e-mail from someone special. She read my blog! You know who you are :P. Not to worry a'right! I won't lie.

Anyways after work i headed straight to the gym to get a good workout. Had a chat from a pal who was my junior in High School. Working part time at the gym, damn...he's built! Really built for a 21 year old. He's a good motivator too, helped me out with my routine workout.

Was getting late and i decided to head home. After driving for about 10 minutes and just hitting the freeway my car decided to die on me! I managed to pull over to the side while the car was still rolling. I knew something was wrong, my fuel meter was showing at least a 1/4 tank of gas left. Then i heard the fuel pump going crazy...well that only meant...i'm out of gas. :[

Well this ain't the first time the car decided to just stop working. No drama & no panic, got my mobile phone and called my good friend Alex. After 1 hour of looking out my car window and seeing traffic pass by. He managed to save the day with 2 bottles of gas worth RM5. Thanks Alex a.k.a Lestat! LoL :)

Managed to drive to the nearest gas station and fill the car up.

Just an ordinary day. Yup!.


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* * sHeReNe * * said...

Like the song goes..
"Just a day,
Just an ordinary day.
Just tryin to get by"
Hang in there Andy!~!