Thursday, April 21, 2005

Decisions & Choices 2

Since the last post, I've been thinking hard about this. But I just won't work if I decided, it has to be a decision that is made and agreed upon by both of us.

In my situation, I have little trust in my special friend after what she did to me. Also I have little trust in my own feelings bacause after deciding to move on with life, going forward, there are a few speed bumps that require special attention.

My friend told me "You have to make it work, individually, what do you really want?"

I want to make it work, but I've learnt an important lesson in life. To have an open mind. Thinking differently from others, making sure to look at life from different perspectives. Most importantly is to have an open conversation with everyone.

Only You can make yourself do the things you want. Your decision to do something would effect how you will live it. So many choices.....

I've decided to take it slow. No point in rushing anything now, "Let it happen naturally" my special friend said. :) I want to see you happy. I may not be able to give you that happiness.

Take things slow.

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