Sunday, April 10, 2005

weekend in Kuala Lumpur

Spent the weekend in Kuala Lumpur by myself. Left Penang on Saturday evening, checked in for my flight and boarded the plane and sat in my nice window seat. Best of all is that I got the whole row to myself! Woohoo! and I haven't taken a flight with the sun up. The worst thing is there were 2 ladies sitting infront of me and one of them kept talking on the phone just before take-off. Jeez! they just announced over the speaker "...please turn off all electronic devices including Handphones, for safety...". She had a flight stewardess asking her nicely to hang up and turn off the phone, which she did 10-20 seconds later.

I kept looking out the window and down to see if I could see my house and my workplace. Lolz. Lovely, view in the evening around 4:40pm in the sky. Looking out I saw the clouds which were so white and in nice shapes. The best moment looking out the window was seeing a rainbow in the sky! I don't know why but it made me smile and happy, I felt free for a while. Then we hit some bad weather and dark clouds, had some turbulence, no drama. Clear skies after that, saw most of KL from the sky. Just before we were going to land that lady who used the handphone, turned it on again to take a photo with the phone! OMG!!. I was thinking "which part of Turn Off Your Mobile Phones didn't she understand" the phone was the new O2 Mini. This time a steward told her to turn it off...she said yes..but took some photos again before turning it off.

Some people, huh.

Arrived in KLIA around 5:30pm. Took the nice and fast express train to KL central. Got a budget taxi to the hotel, The Royale Bintang. It's located right in the heart of town next to Times Square, Sungai Wang, BB Plaza and all the famous shopping stops. After I checked into the hotel I went straight down to walk around the new Times Square shopping complex. Was as big as I expected, but not as many shops there. Lots of teenagers there, just hanging out all over the place.

Walked for about 1 hour looking at clothes and stuff. Felt hungry, so I went out to look for a Burger King shop to eat some fast food. Weird thing is that I see McDonalds & KFC but i didn't see any Burger King store around that area! I really wanted to eat something that i isn't in Penang. So after seaching for about 30 mins i gave up and went to Sushi King.

Got a suprise in the restraunt. My Aunt and Cousin Sis showed up and greeted me.

After that i went back to my hotel room to rest. I planned to go have a drink at coffee bean for starbucks but i fell asleep and woke up around 2am. Lolz. Was suppose to wake up around 7am to do stuff.

Had an appointment to attend to at 9am. Finished around 11pm, called up my friends cause they were suppose to go driving at Sepang International Circuit, it's open track day. Everyone is given 3 hours to drive like around the F1 circuit. Got them to send me to the airport and flew back on the 6pm flight.

Thanks guys! Xarrax, Peng Ngun, Lau Chua, Camsaw and the rest who decided to eat an early dinner with me in the airport! lolz.

And here i am now. BLogging. :)

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Only photo i could take by myself!

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