Friday, April 15, 2005

Long Weekend Ahead :)

Managed to get meself an annual leave today! yay!

Work has been so hectic lately. Calls, calls, calls....non stop. Can't even rest if there are no calls, cases to log & cases to check. All comes with the job description. LoL!

Me birthday is around the corner. I'll be err..24 this year. Time does fly when you're not paying attention. tick tock tick tock, ding! My biological clock has been tuned to wake up at 5am. Been working the dawn shift which starts at 6am or 7am on a weekly rotation.

As usual after work I went to the gym to get a good workout. I'm glad I have a friend at the gym who gives me tips on how to workout...his name is Andy too. lol. He's a great motivator. Worked out for about 2+ hours, then headed for dinner with some friends from work. Ate at this restraunt or tea house/restraunt. Had their special sweet & sour fish set which was served in a japanese styled plate, where the are partitions for the food. Overall not a bad meal. Cheap too.

After dinner we went for a movie, a chinese movie called House Of Fury. With some popular Hong Kong actors. The movie was good, lots of laughs and comedy, but the movie was a bit too predictible. What I liked about the movie was the choreography of the fighting scenes. It was master "Yuen Wo-ping" work of art. If you didn't know he did all the Matrix choreography! There were some similar parts in this movie that you could see in the Matrix. It was all there, multiple fighting from all directions and stick fighting!

Andy's Movie-O-Meter : 5/10


* * sHeReNe * * said...

any fun plans for a day off from work and an early start to the weekends?!

Andy Kow said...

well not really...i just wanted to enjoy my weekend birthday!

might gather some friends and have happy hour!