Tuesday, April 19, 2005


So far life has been a pretty rough. It's gettin smoother but with smaller bumps.

Met up with a special friend to talk things through. Our past relationship has taken quite a crash course in terms of learning new feelings and understanding how it all works. I guess you could call this a life learning exprience.

But looking at the bigger picture there is so much to see, do and improve. After doing some thinking it's becoming clear that the decisions have to be made by both sides on what they really want from each other. I wanted her back, but she dosen't know if that decision would be right or wrong. So I just tried to forget, but it isn't as easy as it seems. But moving on she seems happy what her new found love.

I know my mistakes now, I tried to hard to get her back, when i knew that i shouldn't have.

After discussing further with her, I found out that she is willing to be more open everytime we meet. This time she talks more openly to me, discussing more complicated problems and stuff we never talk about before.

Now it's not possible to have everything you want. You would need to give one up to have the other.

Decisions and Choices.

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