Monday, April 18, 2005

missing part...

A good friend has been calling me lately for advise on her relationship with her boyfriend. As a guy I could give some or little advise about what a guy is doing in a relationship.

In a relationship trust, communication and respect is important. Nearly as important as how two people feel about each other. But people ask, how do you define love? what is love? everyone has a different answer. My answer would be sacrifices. To be able to love someone you have to learn to open up to that person, learn why that person loves you. It's never easy if that person is playing hard to get or playing it cool & mysterious. If you truly love that person you would learn to understand.

But then again there is this question, "what is your heart telling you?" "where does your heart tell you where you should belong?"

Funny...., I don't even know the answer to that. Yet...

Being sad and lonely makes a person think alot about life and the world outside.

The feeling of emptiness...the missing part.

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Anonymous said...

no worries.. things will be alrite soon.